LGAP is a formal alliance of likeminded, best in class partners. We service our customers’ needs across the world. These are some of the benefits we offer:

Sustainable cost reductions

  • LGAP uses shared best practice tools and processes, and so proves to provide low cost, high quality services.
  • Centralized vendor management leverages LGAP’s purchasing power and allows us to pass on lower, consistent, global pricing to our customers.
  • LGAP’s local/regional resources and logistics removes the need to transport expensive labor and materials to geographically remote locations.
  • LGAP provides our customers with the opportunity to pool global volume discounts and incentives.
  • LGAP allows for reduced management overhead for our customers.

Enhanced quality of service

  • The provision of demanding and consistent SLAs ensures the highest quality of service.
  • Adoption of best practice processes and standards by all LGAP members results in a consistent and high quality of service.
  • Provision of a global continuous service improvement process provides the platform to enhance service quality and reduce operational costs.
  • LGAP’s global infrastructure guarantees services can be scaled rapidly without compromising service quality.

Increased management information & control

  • Online procurement tools make sure that control is maintained over all financial spending in all global locations.
  • Our web- based dashboard makes real-time service management information available.
  • Ensures adoption of and adherence to corporate standards.
  • Ease of engagement: global contractual responsibility and governance


South American Partner

Apecatú is a Latin American partner that offers integrated IT and telecommunications infrastructure solutions throughout the region. Their solutions focus on mobility, visibility, consolidation, connectivity, collaboration, continuity, and security.

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Central American Partner

Conecta are a team of experts dedicated to integrating technological Infrastructure for businesses. With over 19 years experience, Conecta have demonstrated punctual service, building trust relationships with customers.  

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Interconnect Systems
African Partner

Interconnect Systems is one South Africa’s leading network infrastructure providers. Established almost three decades ago with headquarters in Johannesburg.

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LantroVision Group
Asian Partner

LanTroVision was established by our Executive Director Chan Thye Yuan as a sole proprietorship in 1990 with the aim to supply and install computer cabling to meet customers’ information and telecommunication requirements.

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UK, Europe & Middle East Partner

LMG, founded in 1986, is a trusted partner providing market-leading IT and Smart Building Services.

With over 30 years of experience, the company offers global organisations the ability to derive benefit from high-quality, technology-driven buildings. 

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Japanese Partner

At Meisei, we are supporting major telecommunication infrastructure and solutions. We connect customers and society to a better tomorrow through our reliable work.

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Australian Partner

Syndeticom specialises in designing, building and supporting world-class digital infrastructure, spanning private networks, audio + visual communication, and mission-critical data centres.

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New Zealand Partner

At Teltrac we solve your digital infrastructure problems. For more than thirty years, we are all about integration and automation of audiovisual, security and telecommunication products and services across New Zealand.

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US Information Systems
North American Partner

With roots dating back to 1924, U.S. Information Systems is a third-generation, family-owned technology services company. We offer Structured Cabling, Audiovisual Systems, Security Systems, In-Building Wireless Solutions, Electrical Contracting and Managed Services.

We work with leading construction managers, general contractors, architects, consultants and MEPs to seamlessly integrate our solutions with the larger projects at hand.

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