What Is LGAP?

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LGAP is a US$400m global organisation comprised of like minded, accredited, specialist cabling infrastructure service providers that have agreed to co-operate to provide customers with a single source for all their cabling infrastructure needs

LGAP’s global service catalogue includes:

  • Major cabling projects for both work-space and datacenter environments
  • Frame work agreements for ongoing deployment services
  • Support services including MAC, break fix, equipment refresh/racking and stacking in both work-space and datacenter environments
  • Professional services including; cabling design, project management and intelligent infrastructure management solutions

LGAP provides customers with a consistent, high quality of service at a lower cost whilst delivering an unsurpassed level of service management information and control across all territories. LGAP customers receive:

  • High quality, global service catalogue
  • A guaranteed, global SLA framework
  • Online, real-time global service management reporting & financial control
  • A consistent global pricing methodology and control in local currencies
  • Global account governance process
  • An option for a single point of contractual engagement and responsibility