How to engage with LGAP

Engaging with LGAP partners is easy. You can either engage directly with each individual LGAP Partner in each country, or have a single point of contact, who will coordinate your engagement with all the different countries for you.

Currency, language, time zones: these are non-issues when you deal with LGAP. We make doing business with us simple. From design to delivery, from purchase order to billing, our commitment to you is that we take complexity out of the engagement.

We are flexible in how we report back to you. We can work in with your existing reporting, adopting the format and content you prefer.

Your LGAP account manager can be your single point of contact, you can contact each local LGAP partner directly, or you can mix and match how you engage with us.

Thanks to our partnership model, we take out a level of complexity and reduce cost.

How it Works

LGAP partners utilise our global network to deploy best in class solutions with access to resources at a consistently high quality, at a predictable lower cost under a
single SLA schedule, anywhere in the world. This avoids the risk and expense of contracting unknown, unproven local organisations.All works are procured, controlled, managed and reported via our online procurement and management information dashboard.

The procurement system enables customers and/or LGAP staff to:

  • Order from a pre-defined catalogue of products & services at predictable, highly competitive costs
  • Generate an immediate downloadable quotation in PDF format
  • Increase management visibility through order status at a glance via a Red, Amber, Green status viewed via the online dashboard
  • Receive progress updates via e-mail
  • Gain client authorisation & QA
  • View and download financial reports
  • Obtain optional monthly invoicing

Our service desk ensures all documentation is completed by the local LGAP partner and will upload the O&M manuals, test results and any other relevant documentation onto the online dashboard for review and analysis. The service desk will also provide work allocation, payments and complete all interaction necessary.

In addition to functioning as a repository for all documentation, the web-based LGAP dashboard provides a central repository for customers to view real-time and historical service management information and KPI alerts. The dashboard is tailored to each customers individual requirements but would commonly include:

  • SLA monitoring via traffic lights
  • KPI reporting and trending
  • Project status
  • Stock level views
  • Resource team charts, on call info, escalation paths
  • Quality procedures, risk and method statements
LGAP Brochure
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