Since our founding in 1986, the spirit of valuing our employees, partners, and customers has been passed down from generation to generation as “Meisei-ism”. Inheriting the spirit, Meisei has adopted the management principles of “creating a strong company” and “a company where employees can enjoy their work”. The telecommunications industry we are in is changing rapidly, and therefore new technologies and reliable solutions are required on a daily basis. Each and every one of us must be highly skilled and provide “solid work” for our customers and society. Without the solid work of each and every one of our employees, we cannot meet the needs of our customers and contribute to society. In addition, in order for each of us to carry out a solid job, we must have an environment where we can enjoy working every day, otherwise we will not be able to continue our solid work for a long period of time. This is why we have always considered management and organizational strategies to be two sides of the same coin, and have focused on both.

Over the past 30 years, the environment surrounding telecommunications sector in Japan has changed dramatically. As the name “infrastructure” suggests, it has become a major foundation for people’s lives and an indispensable necessity for all economic activities. “When communication stops, the world stops” is no longer an exaggeration in recent years. Today, we are engaged in construction and installation of telecommunications infrastructure at sites all over Japan, and we see the reality that our corporate clients are also taking on various challenges and making efforts to support Japan’s telecommunications infrastructure. That is why we also want to do a good job that lives up to expectations of our clients by working hard and sweating. As a professional and as a human being living in the world today, each one of us is committed to the development of society.

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Toshio Nakai – General Manager of Global Sales
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