The global property market was already on the brink of a sea-change in the way buildings are constructed and inhabited. And this has only been accelerated by COVID-19’s reinforcement of the need for better quality, safer, healthier, more human-centric buildings with technology at their core. LMG is at the forefront of this evolution: enabling developers, occupants and contractors to unleash the full capabilities of IP-based networks and digital transformation within the built environment.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we understand our customers’ unique market challenges and are a trusted global partner in providing the framework for designing, building and managing fully integrated IoT-enabled buildings.

Our innovative process of building digitisation draws on unique insights into the relationship between a building’s ICT infrastructure, connected services, space and the demands of its occupants — to enable exciting new possibilities for building intelligence, cost reduction, enhanced health & well-being and improved operational performance.

Our expertise, experience and innovative technology put us in a strong position to help reinforce the ever-tightening relationship between organisations, their buildings and their people. LMG is truly laying the foundations for the future of the built environment.

Mike Hook – Executive Director
Ieuan Rowe – Managing Director
Dave Wilson – Account Director

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