Apecatú is a Latin American partner that offers integrated IT and telecommunications infrastructure solutions throughout the region. Their solutions focus on mobility, visibility, consolidation, connectivity, collaboration, continuity, and security.
Apecatú has bases in several major cities in Latin America, including:
São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Santiago, Chile. Mexico City, Mexico. Lima, Peru. Bogotá, Colombia.
These strategic locations enable them to provide services and support in multiple countries in the region, ensuring local presence and a quick response to their clients’ needs. Apecatú is committed to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client in the field of IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

Carlos Gurgel – Senior LATAM ICT Consultant


+55 11 4872-2364

+55 11 9 9982 3336

Av. Engº Luiz Carlos Berrini, 1.140, 7º andar

04571-000,  São Paulo, SP, Brasil

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