We are a team of experts dedicated to Integrate solutions of technological Infrastructure for business.

Thanks to more than 19 years of experience, we have demonstrated the credibility of our punctual service, allowing us to generate a relationship of trust with our customers.  

Endorsed by international standards, we offer consulting in communications and applied technologies for different markets, ranging from design, development and deployment all the way to after-sales service.

We support wide range of commercials and services sectors in Latam with our offices based in México and Colombia and we cover almost all North LATAM (Latin America) Region.

Our Solutions are:

  • Engineering

We are passionate about being in constant search of the best solutions for each client. We propose and design according to the needs of our clients, ensuring long-term technological stability with the latest in the industry.

  • Infrastructure

From the conception of the project, accompaniment is provided during the different stages; from planning and feasibility analysis, through the process of procurement implementation of the project, in CONECTA we give you the possibility of achieving the objectives set for your company.

  • Networking

We complement the infrastructure with sufficient equipment to comply with highlevel network functionalities, with all the logical security that company data requires. We provide the best solution in networks according to the operation requirements such as supply, installation, configuration and testing.

  • Security

The physical security of the people is of vital importance, for that reason we specialize in giving integral solutions of systems that are able to communicate among them, to provide a greater level of control as supply, installation, configuration and tests in operation systems.

  • Services

We have solutions that provide the appropriate service according to the moment of technological development in which the company is located, that is, from the design and conception of the technological infrastructure to the audit and analysis of an existing network,among other services as SLA that provide additional support throughout the operation.

Antonio Arreola – Chairman
Humberto Arreola – CEO

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