PT.Mustika Memadata – Indonesian Partner

PT Mustika Memadata specialises in Computer Network & System Integrator. We provide design, implementation and project management services for Structure Cabling System, Intelligent Infrastucture, Data Center, Precision Cooling, UPS Systems, and Integrated Solution include with support requirements.

Our experience includes designing and deploying solutions for SME with headquarter environments, multi-site networks, campus sites, data centres operations. We do this by:

  • Being an all-in-one solutions provider with real expertise in infrastructure and networks
  • Only working with high quality and best products for infrastructure and networks
  • Employing the most highly talented and experienced people in order to deliver sophisticated and technically demanding solutions
  • Using our skills in Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) to deliver the most relevant and effective end-user benefits.

Our clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors such as Automotive, Building, Financial services, Goverment, Hospitality, oil & gas and others rely upon PT Mustika Memadata expertise and 7×24-hours service for their critical communications infrastructure.

PT Mustika Memadata is at the forefront of the rapidly growing Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) sector. Our demo lab provides a environment where we can demonstrate the benefits of IIM and outline our successful track record of implementing IIM solutions.

PT Mustika Memadata headquater is in Jakarta, Indonesia and employs over 200 highly professional and experienced staffs who deliver high-quality services for our clients throughout Indonesia.

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