Sustainable cost reductions

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  • By utilizing our shared best practice tools and processes, LGAP is proven to provide low cost, high quality services.
  • Centralized vendor management leverages LGAP’s purchasing power and allows us to pass on lower, consistent, global pricing to our customers.
  • LGAP’s local/regional resources and logistics removes the need to transport expensive labor and materials to geographically remote locations.
  • LGAP provides our customers with the opportunity to pool global volume discounts and incentives.
  • Reduced management overhead for our customers.

Enhanced quality of service

This post is also available in: 英语, 日语, 西班牙语, 泰语, 越南语

  • The provision of demanding and consistent SLAs ensures the highest quality of service.
  • Adoption of best practice processes and standards by all LGAP members ensures a consistent and high quality of service.
  • Provision of a global continuous service improvement process provides the platform to enhance service quality and reduce operational costs.
  • LGAP’s global infrastructure ensures services can be scaled rapidly without compromising service quality.

Increased management information & control

This post is also available in: 英语, 日语, 西班牙语, 泰语, 越南语

  • Online procurement tools ensure that control is maintained over all financial spending in all global locations.
  • Real-time service management information is made available via our web- based dashboard.
  • Ensures adoption of and adherence to, corporate standards.
  • Ease of engagement: global contractual responsibility and governance


This post is also available in: 英语, 日语, 西班牙语, 泰语, 越南语


  • 通过利用我们共同的最佳实践的工具和流程,LGAP被证明提供低成本高品质的服务。
  • 集中管理供应商利用LGAP的购买力,允许我们通过一致较低的全球定价给我们的客户。
  • LGAP的地方/区域资源和物流不再需要昂贵的劳动力和材料运送到远程地理位置。
  • LGAP有机会汇集全球批量折扣和奖励提供给我们的客户。
  • 为我们的客户降低管理开销。


  • 严格和一致的SLA提供保质保量的服务
  • 通过最佳实践流程和标准,所有LGAP成员确保一致和高品质的服务
  • 提供一个全球性的不断改善的服务流程,提供一个平台,提升服务质量,并降低运营成本。
  • LGAP的全球基础设施,确保不影响服务质量的情况下,服务可以快速缩放。


  • 在线采购工具,确保控制维持在全球所有地方的财务支出。
  • 实时服务管理信息可以通过基于WEB的仪表板。
  • 确保采纳和遵守企业标准。
  • 易于参与全球合同责任和治理。